Activities: What is positive psychology?

1.1 Reflection

Take a moment to reflect upon and answer these important questions:

What types of problems am I often on the lookout for? At home? At work?

What are the benefits of keeping a keen eye out for things that might go wrong? How might this tendency affect my ability to prepare for or respond to problems?

What are the costs of a problem focus? What might I be missing while my attention is trained on potential problems?

1.2 Looking Ahead

As you look ahead to the coming weeks, it makes sense to take some time and set some educational goals for yourself so that you have something to work toward and something additional by which to measure your progress. So take a moment and answer the following questions:

What attracted you to positive psychology?

What, specifically, are you curious about related to positive psychology? What would you like to learn?

What skepticism or concerns do you harbor about positive psychology?

Set one specific goal for yourself for this course: